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NexTrend Legal and our trademark attorneys offer entrepreneurs, start-ups, nonprofits, and private companies a myriad of trademark legal services, such as registration, monitoring, office action responses, and enforcement, among others. Click below to learn more about our trademark attorneys and contact us.
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Trademark Law Firm

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Trademark registration provides numerous trademark benefits, such as ownership rights, litigation rights, the ability to recover money, the right to use the registered trademark symbol of ®, the authority to deter similar marks, and other advantages. Click below to learn more about the benefits of trademark registration.
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Trademark Law Firm

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It is critically important that every entrepreneur or business owner engage a trademark attorney to perform a comprehensive trademark search to determine whether the proposed trademark – business name, product or service name, slogan, tagline, logo or brand design – is available for use and thus registerable and protectable.
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Trademark Law Firm

Trademark Services

NexTrend Legal through its trademark attorneys provides entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, small businesses and private companies a full suite of federal trademark services, ranging from trademark registration to trademark enforcement. To read more about our particular trademark services, please click on one of the buttons below.
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Welcome to NexTrend Legal!  We are a trademark law firm with offices in Chicago, Illinois and Charleston, South Carolina. Our trademark attorneys provide professional, thoughtful and affordable trademark services to new start-ups, small businesses, private companies, inventors and entrepreneurs throughout the United States and abroad.   Our mission and philosophy is to provide every one of our business clients with proactive trademark attorney services, highly responsive attorney communication, and thoughtful, experienced trademark  representation.  Thanks for visiting our trademark law firm’s website!  Don’t hesitate to contact one of our trademark attorneys about any of our offered federal trademark services.