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Legal NexTrend is an innovative agency lawyers specializing in legal registration of marks or ‘trademarks’. NexTrend provides professional and affordable services to those entrepreneurs, inventors, small businesses, and private companies throughout the country and abroad, in search of legal registration of trademarks.

Our trademark lawyers understand that our clients’ brands, and brand recognition play an essential role in today’s business world. We manage every brand of our customers recognizing the great value of the brand as protected intellectual property.

Trademarks are valuable intellectual property to traditional companies, consumer products companies and technology companies. With the globalization of the potential markets and the continued expansion of the Internet, more companies are recognizing their corporate and product names logos and slogans are essential for communication of the product and / or service. For businesses and entrepreneurs, establishing a solid reputation of their brands in each of their industries, business markets and geographical locations is crucial. The registration of such marks is essential in establishing a solid reputation.

Trademark attorneys Affordable and Responsive

In legal NexTrend we understand that for all entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses the ability to save time and money is essential. We are committed to providing responsive and affordable services to each of our clients can focus primarily on their legal products and services brands. and can allocate more of their budget on marketing, advertising and running your business.

Always at the forefront of technology, NexTrend Legal is proud to offer to each of our customers a secure portal protected by personal password, which provides direct access 24/7 to their business and brand portfolios online.

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We have hundreds of pages of information on this website registered brands. We hope you find useful information. However, if you have a legal problem branded pages located on this website are not a substitute for competent legal advice.

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If you have a brand or relevant subject matter to federal registration of your trademark, please send us an email, fill in our form of federal trademark registration, or call one of our lawyers.

Utility to hire a lawyer to register your trademark

There are two major benefits to using an attorney to obtain a federal registration of your trademark: (1) save time, and (2) save money. The registration process in the federal trademark seems to be easy but it’s actually a complex process that is time consuming. The process has several stages with different constraints and requirements dates:

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  • Complete an initial application,
  • USPTO lawyer evaluate your request,
  • A potential rejects that requires a response,
  • A final potential rejects, which requires a response or appeal,
  • The publication of his brand for a period of 30 days opposition,
  • If the request is based on intent to use, the subsequent declaration of use or a request for extension.

Our services:

Trademark Search:

Search brand and analysis of new products, goods and services.

Imagine spending extensive time, and use energy and finance creating the perfect name or logo to represent your company, product or service, only to discover that the mark is not registrable, or worse, infringes a registered or pending trademark. Perform a trademark search is important before a new company or an entrepreneur choose a new brand that identifies the source of the company, service or product. The main objective of the search is to determine if your new brand is available for use. Without conducting a proper search, you are flirting with financial disaster.

Trademark AttorneyTrade mark:

Trademark registration, maintenance and renewal of trademarks in the United States and around the world.

In addition to recording their brand, renewing records available to ensure continued protection it is equally important. After the promulgation of its trademark, to maintain valid registration, the owner must submit registration documents for renewal at regular intervals between the fifth and sixth year after registration; again between the ninth and tenth year after enrollment; and every 10 years thereafter. If you do not renew the registration, registration of the mark will be canceled, leaving him unprotected.

Trademark Watch:

Monitoring services of their trademark registrations to deter the possible infringement of their brands.

Once the owner of a trademark has a trademark, the owner is subject or several legal responsibilities. Of primary importance it is the legal responsibility to actively monitor the trade in the market to prevent rape and dilution of their brand mark. Failure to monitor the trade and fails to communicate with these potential offenders brand, may be the complete loss of certain Federal trademark rights. To ensure maximum conservation of trademark rights under the law, our law firm offers brand quarterly monitoring by an affordable annual fee.

Presentation of Marks:

Trademark filing, preparation of the application for registration and processing of new trademark applications.

The declaration of successful federal trademark and obtaining a trademark registration provides numerous benefits to a business owner or entrepreneur. These benefits include trademark rights throughout the country, the right to sue in federal court, the ability to recover money, the use of the symbol ®, the power to deter others from utilizer its trademark or similar mark, the ability to stop hackers from using your trademark in domain names, etc. To determine whether your business should seek federal trademark protection, please contact our trademark lawyers.

Trademark Law FirmActions In The Trademark Office:

Prepare answers to the shares issued by USPTO Trademark Office.

Not all trademark applications are approved immediately. If the government of the United States has any concerns with your application, it will issue a notice called Action Office (Office Action). Often the examiner just need additional information regarding the brand. However, sometimes the examiners refuse the request. The bases are the most frequent rejection risk of confusion with a trademark registration and existing problems with generic or descriptive character of the mark. When an Office Action is issued, the applicant has six months to respond to the examiner. To overcome rejection the applicant will have to present evidence and evidence in its response. Our attorneys have extensive experience in responding to all types of rejections. We will review your case and determine what needs to be done at no cost. If we determine that has no basis to respond, we will offer a flat fee to complete an answer on their behalf.

Lawyers Receptive and affordable American brands:

In legal NexTrend, we understand that the ability to save time and money is crucial for entrepreneurs, new companies, or small business. We are committed to providing responsive and affordable services marks for each of our customers and business to focus primarily on its products and services and allocate more of their budget on marketing, advertising, and management of your business.

Contact our lawyers brands:

If you have a question or issue of federal trademark, please email us, complete forms one of our brand info or call us at 855-789-5636.