About Our Trademark Attorneys

The trademark law firm of NexTrend Legal and its trademark attorneys offer a myriad of trademark legal services  including, but not limited to, trademark registration, trademark filing, trademark search, trademark monitoring, trademark infringement, and responding to USPTO office actions.  Our business, professional and entrepreneurial clients range from emerging start-ups to established private companies, all of which benefit from our innovative, technology driven, business-focused approach to providing responsive, affordable trademark counsel.

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Kelly Frame
Kelly FramePartner
As a trademark attorney, Kelly has counseled businesses and entrepreneurs in a wide array of business transactions, including, but not limited to: brand strategy, trademark search and clearances, state and federal trademark registrations, trademark cease and desist issues, and responding to trademark refusals and oppositions.
Brent Wills
Brent WillsPartner
As a trademark attorney, Brent has handled a wide array of business disputes and commercial ligation matters, including, but not limited to: breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, contract disputes, legal malpractice and trademark infringement.
Ryan Zeller
Ryan ZellerPartner
As a trademark and business litigation attorney, Ryan provides legal representation on broad range of trademark matters including trademark litigation, trademark infringement, trademark cancellations,  trademark office actions, and  other contentious other business litigation matters.
Reid Green
Reid GreenPartner
As an estate planning and real estate transactions attorney, Reid has provided legal counsel on business succession planning, trust administration, real estate lease agreements and real estate litigation, among other matters. She also has spent years practicing in the areas of probate litigation and commercial litigation.

Why Use A Trademark Attorney to Register Your Trademarks?

There are two major benefits to using a trademark attorney to file your federal trademark application: (1) saving time, and (2) saving money. The federal trademark registration process on the surface may seem fairly straightforward but more often than not it is complex, time consuming, and riddled with areas to potentially make significant, costly mistakes. The trademark registration process involves multiple steps, each with its own timeline and requirements:

  • complete and file initial application,
  • USPTO examining attorney evaluates the application,
  • a potential non-final refusal, followed by a required response,
  • a potential final refusal, followed by a required response or appeal,
  • the publication of the trademark for an opposition period of 30 days,
  • if the application is based on an intent to use, the subsequent filing of a statement of use or a time extension.
If you have a federal trademark matter, please send our trademark attorneys an email, fill-out our online trademark registration form, or give one of our trademark law firm a call.

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