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NexTrend Legal and its trademark attorneys offer affordable trademark attorney fees for a variety of trademark legal services. Registering a federal trademark is a federal matter. As a result, NexTrend Legal, while headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, has the ability to represent clients all over the United States and abroad. Because of our national presence, we are able to offer competitive national flat rate pricing while maintaining individualized client services.

Our Main Federal Trademark Services Include:

Trademark Search

$30000Flat Fee
  • Search and clearance of your proposed mark on the USPTO federal database and each U.S. state trademark database using Corsearch, a leading professional trademark search and clearance platform.
  • A drafted attorney memo of the results from the search

Trademark Registration

$40000Flat Fee*
  • Preparation and filing of the USPTO trademark application for one (1) trademark classifcation**
  • Monitoring and communicating status updates to through through the registration process 
  • Responses to any USPTO Office Actions that require less than 30 min of attorney time

Trademark Monitoring

  • Quarterly searches for identical or confusingly similar trademarks in the U.S.
  • Monitoring of your trademark registration renewal and maintenance dates
  • Status and search reports sent via email quarterly

*Price does not include USPTO trademark filing fees

**For each additional classification, there is a $150.00 charge per classification.

Additional Trademark Legal Services:

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Trademark Portfolio Services

For clients that generally have more than five (5) trademarks who need trademark legal services in bulk for each mark in their portfolio.
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Are you a business/individual with a trademark portfolio? We strive to be competitive and affordable for all of our clients with multiple trademarks, word marks, or design marks within their portfolio. Whether you are needing a full search and clearance, federal registration, or monitoring for each mark in your portfolio, our trademark attorneys can offer our trademark portfolio services at a flexible rate. Contact our trademark attorney to inquire about a price for your trademark portfolio needs!

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Trademark Renewal Services

In addition to registering your mark, it is equally important to renew existing registrations to ensure continued protection.
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After a registration issues, to keep the registration valid, the registration owner must file renewal documents and fees at regular intervals between the 5th & 6th years after registration and again between the 9th and 10th years after registration, and every 10 years thereafter.  Failure to renew your trademark will result in the cancellation of your registration, leaving you unprotected.  The US Government will not notify you of these requirements. It is completely your obligation to make these filings. Let us monitor your trademark and ensure you don’t miss any of the renewal deadlines. If you think an additional filing may be due for your trademark please Request a Quote and one of our attorneys will contact you within 24 hours.

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Issued USPTO Office Actions

Not all trademark applications are approved. If the US Government has any concern with your application, they will issue a notice called an Office Action. You will then need to respond to address the concerns and overcome any objections with evidence. Our experienced attorneys can assess the Office Action to determine the best course of action to take.
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When the USPTO issues a Trademark Office Action, that may not necessarily be the end of the road for your trademark application. Many times the Examiner will just request additional information regarding the mark. However, sometimes the Examiner will deny the application. The most frequent bases for rejection are likelihood of confusion with an existing registered mark and genericness or descriptiveness of the mark for which registration is sought. For this reason, great importance and thought should be given to trademark selection.  When an Office Action is issued, the applicant has six months to respond to the Examiner. The applicant will need to provide evidence in his or her response to overcome the rejection. Our attorneys have extensive experience in responding to all different types of rejections. We will review your case and determine what needs to be done at no charge. If we find you have a basis for responding, we will provide a flat rate to complete a response on your behalf.

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Federal Trademark Services

Our trademark attorneys handle a diverse range to trademark matters. If your matter or issue is not listed above, please click on Request a Quote and fill out our information form. A trademark attorney will review your trademark matter and contact you within one business day.
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