NexTrend Legal through its trademark attorneys provides entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, small businesses and private companies a full suite of federal trademark services.  To read more about a particular trademark service, please click on one of the links below.

Trademark Search & Registration

Filing for federal trademark and obtaining a successful registration provides numerous trademark benefits to business owners and entrepreneurs. These benefits include nationwide trademark rights, right to sue in federal courts, ability to recover money, use of the ® symbol, deterring others from using your trademark or similar trademark, ability to stop cybersquatters from using your trademark in domain names, etc.  Our trademark law firm offers an flat rate fees for the majority of our trademark services to make it affordable for any entrepreneur, inventor or business to take advantage of important federal trademark benefits. To determine whether your business should seek federal trademark protection, please contact our trademark attorneys for assistance.

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Trademark Clearance SearchTrademak Services

Imagine spending extensive time, energy and finances on creating the perfect name or logo to represent your business, product or service, then later finding out the trademark is not registerable, or worse, infringes on a registered or pending trademark. Performing a trademark search is critically important before any start-up, entrepreneur selects a new mark that identifies the source of the business, service or product. The main result of the search is to determine if your new mark is available for use. Without conducting a proper search, you are flirting with financial disaster.

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Trademark Office Actions

Providing responses to issued USPTO trademark office actions.

Not all trademark applications are approved upon application. If the United States Trademark Office has any concern with your application they will issue a notice called an Office Action. Many times the Examiner will just request additional information regarding the mark. However, sometimes the Examiners deny the application. The most frequent bases for rejection are likelihood of confusion with an existing registered mark and genericness or descriptiveness of the mark for which registration is sought.

When an Office action is issued, the applicant has six months to respond to the Examiner. The applicant will need to provide evidence in his or her response to overcome the rejection. Our attorneys have extensive experience in responding to all different types of rejections. We will review your case and determine what needs to be done at no charge. If we find you have a basis for responding, we will provide a flat rate to complete a response on your behalf.

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Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring services to deter potential infringement of your trademark registrations.

Once a trademark owner holds a trademark registration, the trademark owner is subject o several legal responsibilities.  Of primary importance is the legal responsibility to actively police the registered trademark in the marketplace to deter potential dilution and infringement.  Failure to police the registered trademark and notify those potential infringers may result in the complete loss of certain federal trademark rights.  To ensure retaining maximum trademark rights under law, our law firm provides quarterly trademark monitoring services for an affordable annual fee.

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Trademark Assignment

Trademark assignment allows for trademark owners to transfer ownership to a trademark. There are many reasons someone may want to consider trademark assignment. Some growing families and businesses would like to share the ownership rights of a trademark with other members to encourage involvement and to reduce individual liability concerns. Other times, business restructuring or changing family dynamics may result in trademark owners wishing to remove certain individuals from direct ownership to the mark.

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Our trademark law firm has experience counseling clients in a wide array of trademark legal matters. Our trademark attorneys are able to assist start ups, entrepreneurs, LLCs and corporations through the entire federal trademark registration process. Our federal trademark services include: trademark search and registration, trademark clearance searches, office action responses, trademark monitoring, trademark assignment, trademark renewal filings, trademark opposition proceedings, trademark cancellation proceedings, and trademark enforcement.

Trademark Renewal Filing

In addition to registering your trademark, it is equally important to renew existing registrations to ensure continued protection. After a trademark registration issues, to keep the registration valid, the trademark owner must file specific renewal documents and pay fees at regular intervals between the 5th & 6th years after the trademark registration date and again between the 9th and 10th years after the initial trademark registration date, and every 10 years thereafter. Failure to renew your trademark will result in the cancellation of your registration, leaving you trademark(s) unprotected.

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Jacksonville Trademark ServicesTrademark Opposition Proceedings

Trademark opposition proceedings include the preventative process of stopping similar or identical trademarks from publishing and registering their good or services. Our trademark monitoring services are the most common way to stay watchful of impending infringement issues. In many cases, a successful trademark opposition can create substantial savings for a company or business owner through avoided retroactive litigation expenses. Failure to preemptively file a trademark opposition can sometimes even jeopardize the value of a brand and the legitimacy of a trademark.

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Trademark Cancellation Proceedings

Trademark cancellation functions quite similarly to trademark opposition proceedings in that both services attempt to stop the production of a similar trademark. Trademark cancellation proceedings are unique in that this legal process allows a trademark owner to file a request to cancel the registered trademark of another party. This petition to cancel the trademark of another party must also demonstrate that the mark is directly damaging to personal trademark rights. One important distinction of trademark cancellation proceedings it that these disputes only threaten federal registration rights and financial damage is not at stake.

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Trademark Enforcement

Trademark enforcement is a valuable and necessary responsibility for trademark owners following the filing and registration of their mark. Backed by the findings of quarterly trademark monitoring, trademark monitoring is an additional trademark service that can protect owners from false advertising, infringement, unfair competition and other malfeasance. Our trademark attorneys most often execute trademark enforcement for owners through the use of cease and desist letters. Cease and desist letters can be an incredibly valuable trademark tool to preserve ownership rights while avoid the strains of direct litigation battles.

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Responsive, Affordable US Trademark Attorneys

At NexTrend Legal, we understand that saving time and money is crucial to every entrepreneur, start-up or small business. We are committed to providing responsive, affordable trademark legal services so that each of our business, entrepreneurial and business clients can focus primarily on their products and services and allocate more of their start-up budget marketing, advertising and operating their business.

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