Becoming Smartphone Friendly Will Increase Google Page Rank

In our increasingly mobile environment, many business owners, entrepreneurs now spend tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in the development and branding of a website to promote their business and/or sell their products over the internet.  Thus, for the majority of business owners, entrepreneurs it is critically important that the website to show up high on Google’s smartphone search results in order to get a return on the investment.  As Google’s algorithms are always changing and being updated to determine what websites will hold those highly sought after first page results, one important factor to now consider is that if your website is not mobile phone friendly, it will have a detrimental effect your website’s page rank.

Google Smartphone ranking will take several things into account:

  • If your mobile phone doesn’t display Flash, Google will not show flash sites in its smartphone search results.
  • If your website is Flash heavy, you need to make certain that the mobile version of the website does not use Flash.
  • If your website routes all mobile traffic to the homepage rather than the internal page the user was attempting to visit, Google will rank the website lower.
  • If your website is slow on mobile phones, Google is less likely to rank it.

Over half of the U.S. population has a smartphone. Many people use their phones to connect to the internet in order to: surf the web, find restaurants, order this seasons most stylish shoes, or find a lawyer to trademark their business name, company’s services or products. Recently, Google has decided that they will start to demote websites in the search results that do not fix problems for mobile phone users. Problems that can affect page ranking is long loading times for your site on a phone, blank screens, and if your site utilizes Adobe Flash (which Android or iPhones do not show).

If you want to keep you website ranked high on Google’s search result, then take time to check how friendly your website is for mobile users. Make sure that clicking any link on the mobile site does not simply redirect the user to the same page, or that playing a video that uses up a lot of data will slow down how mobile users navigate your page. Doing so could result in more traffic to your company which could lead to increased sales.


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