Trademark Refusal – College Football Playoffs

Even the all powerful BCS can be issued a trademark refusal.  The inauguration of the College Football Playoffs will occur without a registered trademark in place.  BCS Properties, LLC, the trademark applicant, will be unable to reap the immensely valuable benefits garnered by federal trademark registration.  BCS's trademark attorney submitted multiple trademark applications (word mark, design mark, design plus words, letters, and/or numbers mark)  in the following trademark classes: 006 - Metal key chains, 014 - Jewelry, watches, pendants, rings, medallions, collectible coins, 018 - Wallets, billfolds, 020 - Mugs and beverage glassware, 025 - Men's, women's, and children's clothing, namely, t-shirts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, caps, hats, pullovers, jerseys, and jackets, visors, shorts, socks, sweatbands, scarves, and sweaters, 027 - Rugs, 028 - Toy novelty items, namely, foam fingers and hands; sports equipment, namely, footballs and kicking tees; collectible toys, namely, full-sized replica football helmets and mini collector football helmets, collectible full-sized replica footballs, 041 - Entertainment services in the nature of television and radio sports programs featuring college football games, exhibitions and tournaments; entertainment services, namely, organizing and staging college football games, exhibitions and tournaments; and providing entertainment, information, news and programming, polls, scores, standings, statistics, and history and background, all in the field of the sport of football, via the internet.     BCS Properties, LLC has filed six trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) for federal trademark protection of the “COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF” mark.  In July 2013, the examining attorney issued a trademark refusal to BCS on the basis that the trademark applied for simply serves as a description of services the BCS wants to provide. The examining attorney noted that the individual words comprising [...]