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Trademark Infringement and Genericide

A generic trademark is the name of a product/service/brand name which is the actual name for the product/service/brand name. Examples include: APPLE for apples, or LAW FIRM for a law firm. A generic term that could even obtain secondary meaning will not help that term become eligible for trademark protection. The rationale behind this prohibition is [...]

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A Likelihood of Confusion Cease and Desist Order

Many people get their coffee, or latte, or expresso from Starbucks every morning or around 2:00pm each day. But Starbucks does not only serve coffee, the company is also active in enforcing the benefits of a its federal trademark registration and protecting itself from potential trademark infringement. Starbucks, the massive Seattle based coffee company worth about $16.447 billion in [...]

A Likelihood of Confusion Cease and Desist Order2020-06-20T10:05:48-04:00

Likelihood of Confusion – Brewery Trademark Battle in Texas

In March 2014, the makers of Alamo Beer filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement in the Western District of Texas. Alamo Beer Company alleged that a competitor was using a confusingly similar trade dress (likelihood of confusion), including a similar design depicting a silhouette of the Alamo.  In this case, the State of Texas, owner [...]

Likelihood of Confusion – Brewery Trademark Battle in Texas2020-06-20T10:05:48-04:00