• A response to a USPTO trademark office action typically includes arguments and evidence to address any issues raised by the examiner in the office action. This can include evidence of the distinctiveness or acquired distinctiveness of the mark, or evidence that the mark does not conflict with any existing registered or pending marks. If you have […]

  • A USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) trademark application refusal is a decision made by the USPTO to deny registration of a trademark based on one or more specific grounds set forth in the Trademark Act. A “Trademark application refusal” is simply a generic term used in connection with an Office Action issued by the […]

  • Even the all powerful BCS can be issued a trademark refusal.  The inauguration of the College Football Playoffs will occur without a registered trademark in place.  BCS Properties, LLC, the trademark applicant, will be unable to reap the immensely valuable benefits garnered by federal trademark registration.  BCS’s trademark attorney submitted multiple trademark applications (word mark, design […]

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