• The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) uses what is called the Nice Classification of Goods and Services. The Nice Classification is the standard used by the majority of countries around the world that register trademarks. Basically, the USPTO divides trademarks into 45 different categories. 34 of these categories identify products and 11 categories identify […]

  • Whether you are contemplating organizing a new business, or positioning your existing business to launch a new product or service in the marketplace, selection of a new trademark is the most critical phase in establishing trademark rights.  Under Trademark Law, a trademark is a word, phrase or symbol used to identify and distinguish the source of […]

  • Look at some of the basic information surrounding a federal trademark. Including what a trademark protects, why you should obtain a federal trademark, a comparison of a trademark to a patent or copyright, and how our trademark attorneys can help you in the process of obtaining a federal trademark.

  • “Famous Jameis” is betting on the future by cashing out on his nickname. Jameis Winston, potential No. 1 overall NFL draft pick, has filed to trademark “Famous Jameis.” This nickname was given to him during his time at Florida State, where he won the Heisman Trophy and only lost one game as a starter in 2013. Winston’s trademark attorney noted they have taken steps to protect Winston’s intellectual property rights. He also commented that this is a long-term investment they “hope to utilize down the line.”

  • For more than 20 years, there has been a movement to rid sports of nicknames and mascots that refer to Native Americans. Many teams have voluntarily changed their name, such as: Miami University RedHawks (formerly Redskins until 1996); Marquette University Golden Eagles (formerly Warriors until 1994); St. John’s University Red Storm (formerly Redmen until 1994); University […]

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  • Charles Best got the idea to start Donors Choose as a history teacher at a Bronx high school. He was funding school supplies for the kids with his own money. So he thought of a website where he and his colleagues can post projects that are in need of funding, onto a website where donors can […]

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