Cannabis Trademarks – Marijuanaville

Our trademark attorneys regularly advise new business owners and entrepreneurs launching a new product or service whether their brand names, product lines and brand designs are available for use in their intended marketplace and can be properly registered and protected (see trademark search). A business owner or entrepreneur's brand identity (aka trademarks) can be among [...]

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Avoiding Illegal Trademark Assignment

Trademark ownership may be one of the most lucrative and recognizable assets for any major company. Even still, a trademark's life is incredibly fragile as any improper mishandling or illegal trademark assignment can completely invalidate the mark. Another important distinction that must be made between trademarks and other financial assets: trademarks require monitoring and care to maintain their value [...]

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How to Brand Your App

As mobile device applications are now comprising a multi-billion dollar industry, mobile marketing has now become a cutting-edge business tool and a premier branding resource. Smartphones are now the top form of communication. In fact, consumers spend close to 90% of the time on their smart phones using mobile applications.  Many researchers also predict increased surges in [...]

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Can You Trademark Cannabis Based Products?

As the cannabis industry in the United States grows and becomes more acceptable, medically and recreationally, our trademark attorneys are getting many inquires as to whether a business or individual can you register a trademark for marijuana products? Especially in states were marijuana is legalized for recreational use, entrepreneurs looking to make millions from marijuana [...]

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