Begin Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Every business owner and independent professional should consider the added ownership protection provided through trademark opposition proceedings. Request a quote from one of our trademark attorneys to get an estimate of the cost and fees concerning your particular circumstances.
Trademark opposition proceedings should be considered whenever a client believes that a trademark application bears similarity to their own. A client should also consider trademark opposition proceedings if the registration of a proposed trademark would infringe upon their exclusive rights.
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Unlike Trademark Cancellation, Trademark Opposition Proceedings involve preemptive measures to prevent infringement before a trademark has been registered. For this reason, it is important to execute trademark opposition proceedings in a timely manner and before the contested trademark has completed the registration process.
In most cases, a trademark attorney will then personally draft a trademark office action on your behalf and send it to you for your review and approval. This trademark office action will outline the ownership issues of the disputed trademark and will notify the USPTO of these grievances in an effort to prevent the registration of this trademark.
The USPTO review and consider the submitted office action. If accepted, the owner(s) of the disputed trademark will receive an office action notice and be required to make necessary amendments so that the the proposed mark complies with preexisting ownership rights.

Extension of Time to Oppose

$29500Flat Fee
  • Preliminary legal consultation to discuss the basis for your claim
  • An attorney-drafted filing for a 30 day extension of time

Defending a Federal Trademark Opposition

  • Preliminary legal consultation to discuss the basis for the alleged claims by the opposition
  • Attorney-drafted letter refuting the alleged trademark allegations by the opposition on the letterhead of our law firm  
  • Individual legal counsel for settlement or negotiation

Opposing a Federal Trademark

$99500Flat fee
  • Preliminary legal consultation to discuss the basis for your claims to oppose a trademark
  • Attorney-drafted petition to oppose and USPTO filing to the TTAB
  • Includes the $400 USPTO Filing Fee

Trademark Opposition Proceedings

Please use this secure form, or give us a call, to provide our trademark attorneys with the preliminary information about the trademark(s) you wish to protect and the trademark(s) you wish to oppose. If you fill out the form, please fully complete the contact information and check the box at the very bottom, and try your best to provide all other information. If you need any help or would like to inquire about our services over the phone, please give us a call at 1-904-746-4745.