Hot Trends in Franchising

Technology has radically altered interactions between companies and customers, and customers’ expectations resulting in hot new trends in franchising.

In the education arena, franchises are looking bright this year. This sector is booming as people question the education their children are receiving at public schools and look to enhance the curriculum through online and offline tutoring services and enhancement programs. Kumon, The Goddard School, and Primrose schools are trending as they are equipped to handle the tech-savy generation – these tutoring services have modified their existing franchise models to meet the technological needs of the youth.

Another trend is the size of franchise units. The recession and the real estate market forced franchisers to reevaluate the size of their storefronts and units. This led to the redesign of storefronts as they have become sleeker, smaller, and more efficient.

Healthy fast food franchisors have also engaged in a significant redesign of their franchise models in order to stay consistent with the new trends.  Fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Taco Bell have offered “healthier” options in the past, but now the new healthy fast food franchisors are consciously focusing on truly healthy, organic, lifestyle foods; such as Freshii and LYFE Kitchen. 2Good2B franchise is even looking to launch gluten-free franchises. This trend is largely attributable to people’s expectations as healthy fast food is no longer a thing.

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