Patagonia’s Brand : Activism and an Innovative Mission Statement

Patagonia BrandBranding a business is a critical aspect to building any successful business. Patagonia’s brand, unlike many who believe consistency, avoiding controversy should triumph, is somewhat paradoxical at times.  The company is in the business of making and selling merchandise, however, it is known for advertising its products by telling consumers not to buy its products. In recent years Patagonia has doubled in size and tripled its profits. This is an interesting approach and impressive results. Patagonia believes in making quality and durable products. The company was built on a philosophy of sustainability. For example, the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” advertisement was really about telling consumers not to buy more than what they need. The company promotes the durability of its products by highlighting that they are meant to be handed down from generation to generation, and when a certain product is in need of repair, a customer can come to the company for repair. This kind of unison between customer and company is brilliant, especially during a time where environmental sustainability receives heightened attention.

Activism and Investing in Future Generations

Patagonia recently funded a documentary about a controversial environmental topic: dam removal. Patagonia acts like an activist, which is not something most companies would consider doing — as certain activism would not resonate with all customers and likely would offend some customers. However, for Patagonia, the environmental risk of not talking about the negative aspects of hydropower, methane gas emissions, and loss of biodiversity are too important to avoid addressing. This highlights the company’s mission to fight “any fight worth fighting.” Patagonia also announced that it will invest $13 million to put up solar panels in homes in Hawaii. Patagonia emphasizes cooperation and the need for investment in future generations: it funds environmentally conscious projects, emphasizes its products’ durability, and advertises its products to consumers using anti-consumerism methods. Politics aside, one thing is clear: Patagonia stands out from the rest and markets its brand to the growing number of people that believe in sustainability and environmental conservation.

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