Jan 17, 2015 – New USPTO Trademark Filing Fees

As authorized by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, the USPTO amended its regulations to reduce certain trademark filing fees in order to: (1) continue with an appropriate and sustainable funding model; (2) support strategic objectives relating to online trademark filing, electronic file management, and workflow; and (3) improve efficiency for USPTO operations and customers. The reduced trademark filing fees and the TEAS reduced trademark filing fee option went into effect on January 17, 2015.  A link to the full text of the final rule changing the fees is available under “Recent Final Rules”.

USPTO Trademark Filing Fees

Trademark Processing Actions Cost
Electronic TEAS Application for Trademark Registration $325.00
Electronic TEAS Plus Application for Trademark Registration (New – Jan 17, 2015) $225.00
Electronic TEAS Reduced Fee Application for Trademark Registration (New – Jan 17, 2015) $275.00
Filing an Amendment to Allege Use under Section 1(c) $100.00 per class
Filing a Statement of Use under Section 1(d)(1) $100.00 per class
Filing a Request for a 6 month Extension to File Statement of Use Under Section 1(d)(1) $150.00 per class
Petitions to the Director $100.00
Dividing an Application $100.00 per new application created
Application for Renewal Under Section 9 $400.00 per class
Correcting a Deficiency in a Renewal Application $100.00
Filing Section 8 Affidavit $100.00 per class
Filing Section 15 Affidavit $200.00 per class
Issuing a New Certificate of Registration $100.00
Certificate of Correction, Registrant’s Error $100.00
Filing Disclaimer to Registration $100.00
Filing Amendment to Registration $100.00
Petition for Cancellation $300.00 per class
Notice of Opposition $300.00 per class