Trademark AttorneyWe are trademark attorneys and our mission is to provide responsive, affordable trademark services to entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses throughout the United States and abroad.  We provide trademark counsel to a diverse range of industry clients – technology, apparel, food and beverage, professional, sports, etc  –  in many areas of trademark law, including the search and clearance of federal trademarks, corporate brand and trademark strategy, trademark registration, and the prosecution of federal trademarks before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Trademark Legal Services

Every entrepreneur, business owner anticipating the launch of any new product or service should plan for a comprehensive trademark search to determine whether the proposed trademark – business name, product or service name, slogan, tagline, logo or brand design – is registerable and protectable.  The trademarks adopted by a business owner, entrepreneur often serve as the nexus of their marketing, branding and sales efforts and can be critical to their success.  Federal trademark registration, which provides nationwide rights in the trademark, is more important than ever as we move forward into an increasingly digital business environment.  Filing for federal trademark and obtaining a successful trademark registration provides numerous benefits to a business owner, entrepreneur.  These benefits include nationwide trademark rights, right to sue in federal courts, ability to recover money, use of the ® symbol, deterring others from using your trademark or similar trademark, ability to stop cybersquatters from using your trademark in domain names, etc.

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