Trademark assignment describes the legal process of changing the ownership of a mark to another party during the trademark registration process. There are many reasons for which trademark assignment might occur ranging from added shareholders, changes in business directions to private family or financial matters. There are several governing requirements that must be met during trademark assignment in any case. Trademark assignment most importantly requires the action to be committed under the goodwill of the business. It is also important that trademark assignment be performed in a timely manner with the necessary paperwork and proper legal language.

Trademark Assignment

Trademark assignment is a valuable legal device for professionals, families and businesses when renaming the ownership holders and decision-makers for a trademarked good or service.
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Trademark Assignment

The first and most important step in trademark assignment is to decide what party or parties are to be given ownership of the trademark.
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Many trademark assignment cases differ in the necessary procedures based on the type(s) of trademarks and the number of parties involved in trademark assignment. After completing the contact form, our attorneys will then review your case and inform you of the necessary documentation needed to proceed.
A trademark attorney will then personally draft a trademark assignment application on your behalf and send it to you for your review and approval.
The USPTO will then require a final filing fee of $40 at which point your trademark assignment application will be filed for consideration and the pending approval of the federal government
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Our trademark attorneys utilize the latest CORSEARCH technology to sift through and examine thousands of federal trademarks so that our clients can avoid the hurdles of similar or identical trademarks. Once a proper search has comprehensively analyzed existing trademarks, our law firm provides a memorandum of our results so that our clients can then begin discussing and pursuing the registration process.



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