After a federal trademark application has been filed, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will either approve the application or send a Trademark Office Action, requiring the applicant to file an office action response in order to proceed. An Office action indicates that the USPTO has rejected the client’s application to register a trademark. The applicant then may proceed to comply with the directives of the Trademark Office Action by filing an Office Action Response, challenge the findings of the USPTO with an Office Action Response, or produce no response and forfeit the chance to receive their trademark. As for the final option, some clients may abandon their trademark application as they find it easier to restart the process altogether rather than pursuing an office action response. In any case, it is importance to consider and explore the grounds and options of an office action response before deciding a final legal route in the trademark registration process.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark monitoring is a crucial legal service to maintain the legitimacy and value of a protected good or service and to minimize the risks of litigation.
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After completing the online trademark monitoring form and paying the annual $395 fee, our attorneys will begin analyzing the USPTO database of trademarks to protect your trademark(s).
Our trademark attorneys will then begin sending our clients quarterly CORSEARCH reports to notify our clients of similar trademark applications or potential infringement cases.
In some cases, a client may need to take action by filing a cease and desist letter or other trademark opposition procedures. Our attorneys can offer guidance to clients through our search results on the most appropriate course of action.
For the annual rate of $395, our trademark attorneys will perform a quarterly monitoring of the USPTO trademark database using CORSEARCH technology to search for similar trademark filings. We also notify our clients of these results and remind our clients of trademark renewal deadlines.

Our trademark attorneys utilize the latest CORSEARCH technology to sift through and examine thousands of federal trademarks so that our clients can avoid the hurdles of similar or identical trademarks. Once a proper search has comprehensively analyzed existing trademarks, our law firm provides a memorandum of our results so that our clients can then begin discussing and pursuing the registration process.



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