There are many challenges to starting a business from the ground-up, especially if it involves the registration and protection of a trademark. Trademark search and registration describes the legal process of examining existing trademarks and relevant trademark laws and then proceeding to file the necessary paperwork to register a trademark with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Trademark Search & Registration

It is important for every entrepreneur and business owner to receive a proper trademark search in order to examine any potential problems with existing marks and to limit possible conflict before beginning the registration process.
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Trademark Search & Registration – $795.00*

Decide what business name, product name, service name, slogan, tagline, logo or brand design you would like to protect through a federal trademark.
Fill out the contact us form on the sidebar or click the “get started now” button above to supply your trademark information, then pay the flat search and registration fee of $795.
Within 2-3 business days, we provide our clients with a Trademark Attorney Memo stating our results of the search and clearance. We then will schedule a phone conference for you with one of our trademark attorneys to discuss our Trademark Attorney Memorandum in detail with the client, and to answer any questions.
A trademark attorney will then personally draft a trademark application on your behalf and send it to you for your review and approval.
The USPTO will then require a final filing fee of $275 at which point your trademark application will be filed for consideration and the pending approval of the federal government
This flat fee of $795.00 includes the preparation and filing of the USPTO trademark application for one trademark classification, the monitoring and communicating status updates to you during the registration process, and standard responses to any USPTO Office Actions regarding approval.

Our trademark attorneys utilize the latest CORSEARCH technology to sift through and examine thousands of federal trademarks so that our clients can avoid the hurdles of similar or identical trademarks. Once a proper search has comprehensively analyzed existing trademarks, our law firm provides a memorandum of our results so that our clients can then begin discussing and pursuing the registration process.



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