Arbitrary TrademarkAlong with fanciful trademarks, arbitrary trademarks are afforded the broadest legal protection. Arbitrary trademarks are terms that have a common meaning that is separate and apart from the terms connection to the goods and services they are associated with. That is, the meaning of the word has nothing to do with the good or service used with the trademark. These trademarks are inherently distinctive trademarks.

The advantage of selecting an arbitrary trademark is that another company’s slight variation of your trademark is more likely to be found confusing. Arbitrary trademarks that are slightly altered and are similar often create a likelihood of confusion to the consumer than two well defined words that are similar in spelling and sound.

Examples of arbitrary trademarks are:

  • “Apple” – for apple computers.
  • “Camel” – for cigarettes.
  • “Domino’s” – for pizza.
  • “RCA” – for televisions and other electronics.
  • “4711” – for colonge