Trademarks for Amazon Brand Registry

With more than 200 million Amazon Prime Members worldwide, Amazon is an incredible way to build a business and earn income. However, due to widespread trademark infringers, product counterfeiters, listing hijackers, and other dubious individuals lurking on the Amazon platform, there is a heightened need to protect your Amazon online seller storefront.

The Amazon Brand Registry program is a service offered by Amazon that allows manufacturers, brand owners,and private label sellers to register their trademarks and other intellectual property with Amazon. Amazon’s Brand Registry registration helps its members protect their brands from unauthorized sellers and counterfeit products on the Amazon marketplace. Once a brand is registered, the brand owner can access various tools and services provided by Amazon, such as an automated reporting system for infringing products, enhanced product detail pages, and the ability to create and manage their own branded storefront on Amazon. Overall, the Amazon Brand Registry program helps to increase the visibility and credibility of registered brands on the Amazon platform, which can lead to increased sales and customer loyalty. Enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry unlocks a suite of tools designed to help brand owners build and protect their brands and create a better experience for their customers. To enroll, US Amazon online sellers must have an active pending or registered federal trademark issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). The active pending or registered federal trademark must match the brand name on the Amazon Brand Registry application.

Amazon Brand Registry Features & Benefits

By enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry, brand owners will have access to a suite of innovative tools to help protect their brands and products.  The following is a brief summary of what Amazon online sellers may want to know about Amazon’s Brand Registry features and benefits.

  • Access to Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit
    Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit’s mission is to pursue counterfeiters and infringers.  Amazon will work with Brand Registry members and law enforcement in certain situations to bring bad actors to justice, including partnering with brand owners as co-plaintiffs in civil litigation.

  • Access to Project Zero
    Amazon Project Zero uses the power of Amazon technology combined with brand insights to detect and remove counterfeit listings and products.  Eligible Brand Registry members may use Amazon’s Project Zero self-service counterfeit removal tool to remove counterfeit listings.  A counterfeit is an unlawful, unauthorized reproduction of a registered trademark in connection with the sale of a product. Counterfeiting requires the use of a registered trademark on the product, packaging, or the product detail page to falsely imply that the product is genuine.

  • Transparency
    Amazon’s Transparency uses secure, unique, alphanumeric, non-sequential codes on product packaging to ensure only authentic products are shipped to customers.  Amazon’s Transparency codes allow customers to scan the unique Transparency codes to confirm authenticity.  Products that fail Transparency authentication checks are investigated for potential counterfeits.  Transparency also allows Brand Registry members to gain additional insights by accessing Brand Reports to confirm Transparency’s effectiveness in protecting enrolled products and review key product data points.

  • A+ Content
    Brand Registry members may use A+ Content to elevate brand and product features on a brand owner’s product detail pages.  With A+ Content, brand owners can quickly test which product listings that will produce the best results and increase sales, saving a significant amount of time trying to guess which product listings (or product storytelling) will work best in the Amazon marketplace.

  • Sponsored Brands
    Sponsored Brands can help Brand Registry members showcase their brands and increase sales by creating ads that appear in relevant Amazon shopping results.  Not only does Sponsored Brands help brand owners increase sales, but it also helps Amazon shoppers discover brands and products that they may easily overlook. With clickable logos, lifestyle imagery, or product categories, Amazon shoppers will be automatically directed to the brand owner’s product page.

Registering Trademarks for Amazon Brand Registry

Please note that the above summary is our understanding of the Amazon Brand Registry program and you should visit the Amazon platform for further details and program changes.  If you would like to become a member of Amazon Brand Registry, our trademark attorneys can assist with registering your trademarks with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Why Use A United States Trademark Attorney?

On the surface, trademark searches, trademark registrations, trademark maintenance requirements, and other trademark matters before the USPTO may seem fairly straightforward, but more often than not, it is complex, time consuming, and riddled with areas to potentially make significant, costly mistakes. If you are looking for trademark assistance with the USPTO, our trademark attorneys can assist!

If you are a business owner seeking to register a federal trademark, or you are an online retail seller launching a store on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy or other online e-commerce platform, our trademark attorneys can help. Please give us a call or contact us online by clicking the contact button and completing the form.  Our trademark attorneys will respond to all inquiries within one business day.